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Cheers and good on ye fer comin round and checkin oot my wee space on the web!

Whatever you’re looking for here on the Scottican, I want to make it as easy as possible, so I created this separate navigation page and broke out all of my entries, and given wee summaries of them for quick and easy access, rather than having to go through the entire blog (though please do check that out when you have more time!).

Use this page as your “Quick-Start” guide to the Scottican!

Personal Stories

  • The Scottican — first entry, an introduction, and a bit more in-depth on why I started this website (10 Jan 2020)
  • Falling in Love with Glasgow — a entry dedicated to the home of my heart, Glasgow (15 Jan 2020)
  • Caledonia — sharing personal reflections about Scotland and sharing the song “Caledonia” by Dougie MacLean (27 Jan 2020)
  • My Girl, Nessie — a fun entry about my personal love of the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie (29 Jan 2020)
  • One Month Old — a post on my one month anniversary of starting the website where I announced the posting of my To Scotland book, available to read for free on the website (14 Feb 2020)
  • What Studying Abroad Did for Me — an in-depth piece on what I felt I gained from studying abroad in Scotland (21 Feb 2020)
  • Remnants — a creative non-fiction piece featured in my book “To Scotland” (available to read for free on the website); posted in honor of the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden (13 April 2020)

YouTube Entries


  • Robert Burns — posted just before Burns Night, this entry talks about Robert Burns and his works (24 Jan 2020)
  • Clava Cairns — a bit of the history and information known about these specific cairns, which are a popular travel destination. Includes pictures (3 Feb 2020)
  • Glencoe — the history of the Glencoe Massacre (12 Feb 2020)
  • Hot Scot Facts — 10 facts about Scotland (3 April 2020)
  • Culloden: The History — historical insights, addressed misconceptions, and information on the Battle of Culloden and its impact (15 April 2020)

Travel/Locations/More Info about Destinations

  • Cairns in Modern Day — more detailed information about cairns, and specifically a call-out to tourists visiting any cairns (7 Feb 2020)
  • Stirling — places to see, things to do, and restaurant recommendations for Stirling (17 Feb 2020)
  • The Wallace Monument — a detailed account of climbing the Wallace Monument in Stirling (19 Feb 2020)
  • Doune Castle — history and film information regarding this well-known Scottish castle, includes tons of pictures (30 March 2020)
  • Culloden Today — a virtual walk-through of Culloden today, including plenty of pictures of the battlefield as visitors can see (17 April 2020)

Political/Current Events

  • Scotland’s Individuality — a piece about Scotland’s own unique identity and how constantly attempting to re-write “Scottish” as “British” can come across as usurping individual achievement from an American viewpoint (31 Jan 2020)
  • Highlands on Loch-down for Now — a plea for people to stop traveling to the Highlands during the COVID-19 quarantine (25 March 2020)
  • Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel — an entry that isn’t Scotland-related, but related to the COVID-19 outbreak and how we should try to find our own individual light at the end of the tunnel to work through this difficult time (27 March 2020)



  • Gàidhlig — A history of the Gaelic language, its appearance and usage in Scotland, its decline, and its current revival (13 Jan 2020)
  • Fun with Gaelic: Beinn — a series where I talk about a Gaelic word, its meaning, and how we may see it used in present day; this entry talks about beinn (17 Jan 2020)
  • Fun with Gaelic: Càrn — a series where I talk about a Gaelic word, its meaning, and how we may see it used in present day; this entry talks about càrn (5 Feb 2020)
  • Learning Gaelic — a recount of my own struggles and trials to learn Gaelic on my own, what new resources there are, and encouragement for others (28 Feb 2020)
  • Fun with Gaelic: Uisge-Beatha — a series where I talk about a Gaelic word, its meaning, and how we may see it used in present day; this entry talks about uisge-beatha (2 March 2020)
  • Concerns in the Gaelic Community — addressing some issues and concerns I’ve seen people discuss regarding the Gaelic community and those who learn/study the language (9 March 2020)

Popular Topics

  • Outlander — a broad description of the Outlander story of the books and television series and how it benefitted Scotland (24 Feb 2020)
  • My Likes in Outlander — my own personal opinions regarding things that stood out to me from Outlander series (4 March 2020)
  • My Struggles with Outlander — my own personal opinions regarding the things I struggled to enjoy in the Outlander series (11 March 2020)
  • Sam Heughan and Bullying — an entry addressing Sam Heughan’s recent statement regarding being bullied on social media (25 April 2020)

Myths, Stories, Legends

  • Kelpies — an entry on the mythological kelpies that were said to stalk the lochs and rivers of Scotland (23 March 2020)

For Fun

My To Scotland Book

Read my book To Scotland for free here on the website.