Lassie Liberty

Alright, it’s happening. I’m gonna get political.

Lassie Liberty was a name I took after the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014. I had a blog where I spoke about all things Scottish, though mostly political. I dove into it for a while because I was devastated about that result.

And I know there will be people who don’t agree with me on my politics. That’s fine. I’m very much a person who wants to talk to people about issues. I don’t want to force things, or say my way’s the only way—because, hey, there could be a myriad of ways! I believe in all those shades of grey that exist within every single issue we could talk about, so it’s important to consider all angles of an issue.

But the more I see the things happening in the world, the politics surrounding it, and the media portrayal of issues, the more frustrated at get at biting my tongue.

One I will always strive to do: no matter how much I dislike someone, I will try to ensure that anything I write about them focuses on the issues, and isn’t just an insult on their person. I might say a politician is selfish, immature, and vain, but I’ll provide reasons as to why. I never want to simply insult because I do not think it allows for more discussion, and it does no justice in one trying to present a point.

So, going forward, anything with the Lassie Liberty heading will likely be politically focused. I’m trying to determine how to keep that to a completely separate section of the website and off the main blog, in case people want to avoid political chat.

Without further ado, onto all political posts: Lassie Liberty.