The story started out simply enough: a girl felt called to go abroad to Scotland. So she did, earned a Master’s Degree, but fell in love—not with a person, but with a whole country instead. After returning to the US, she pined for Scotland for many years, until finally deciding she’d use that passion for good, rather than dwelling in the hurt.

So here’s to more Scottish adventures and sharing the love of a wonderful wee nation with the world.

Amanda Jean
Lassie Liberty
The Scottican

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Because a website wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my business partners, this here is my buddy, Moose. He’s a big fan of napping and eating, with the occasional change in his schedule to eating and napping. He loves heated blankets, purring, and staring out the window.

Picture of my cat, Moose

His contribution here? Curling up next to me and purring while I write, edit, or create fun things for the website—and I’m certain he’s making this contribution because he cares and supports my passions, and not because I’m under a heated blanket myself and he wants some of the warm.

But his cute face is pretty good motivation, as is is constant reminder that he requires food and new litter. Every little bit helps, right?