New Video: What’s the Weather Like in Scotland

Image from atop Ben A'an in Scotland, looking over Loch Katrine—so mountain/hill ranges with a loch (lake) in the center and blue skies. Over the blue skies reads the text "What's the Weather Like in Scotland?" and there's a cut-out picture of me standing atop one of the distant hills and my logo, the Scottish flag with the American flag and "The Scottican" written between.

Hallo everyone!

I know, I haven’t written in a long time. So what do you talk about when you haven’t spoken to people in a long time? The weather, of course!

So I combined some of the info from my Weathering Scotland: What Scottish Weather is Like entry and my Packing for Scotland: Clothing Suggestions for Visiting and Staying entry, and made you all a video “What’s the Weather Like in Scotland?“—you know, in case that’s a bit more convenient then all the reading.

There’s also a few photos I’ve taken of Scotland myself in the video, so plenty for everyone. Give it a wee watch and like (if ya like; no pressure).

Where are you most looking forward to visiting in Scotland when travel opens back up?

Also check out my YouTube channel for a few more videos if you’re interested in more Scotland love from an American.


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