Huv Ye Seen It — Vortex of Scottish Charm

Huv Ye Seen It — Vortex of Scottish Charm

Today, I’m sharing a clip that I have loved for YEARS—well before I moved to Scotland.

I love Craig Ferguson. He’s got such a great personality and he’s so funny, so I absolutely love this interview between him and James McAvoy on the Late, Late Show. Two Scotsmen together, just chatting away. It makes me smile every time I see it.

They just bounce off each other so well, both their humors and jokes. You can see so many interviews on shows like this where everything feels awkward, but this interview has the vibe of two buds having a drink at the pub.

And honestly I’m sitting here watching it by myself and still giggling about it—all their chat about Scotland, how Scots say words versus Americans, and how James would go back to Scotland and tell everyone that “Craig’s changed”. That damn fake laughter gets me. It’s just such great banter and I love it.

That is that Vortex of Scottish Charm they’re talking about!

I want more interviews like this. No need for talking about films or whatever. Just casual banter back and forth. #morescottishbanter


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