Changes for June 2020

Changes for June 2020

Hey all!

Firstly, let me say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who’s checked out the website for any reason. If you were looking for some descriptions and pictures of different places in Scotland, THANK YOU. If you were looking for some different history and insights on Scotland and Scottish culture, THANK YOU. If you’ve taken any time to do anything extra like follow my Instragram or Facebook or watch my YouTube videos, THANK YOU.

Seriously, it means so much to be able to talk about the country I fell in love with and know that there are others who feel a similar connection to Scotland.

I’m making a wee change to my posting schedule come June. Normally, I post a minimum of three times a week—Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays—with the occasional Saturday post as well. Starting 1 June, I’ll be posting new entries on Mondays and Fridays, and may still post occasionally on Saturday as well.

This is not due to any lost love of the website or of Scotland, but simply because I’ve been going strong on the website for five full months now, and some of my personal life stuff has caught up with me. I’ve been still working full-time during the COVID-19 outbreak, and stress with work has me a bit overwhelmed, making it more difficult to disconnect at the end of the work day, and I don’t want that affecting the quality of my work here on the Scottican.

I don’t anticipate this being a permanent change, and I do hope to get back to doing more work with the Scottican, but some of that depends on the world situations changing as well, especially in regards to travel. I’d very much like to get back to Scotland soon, but I’m trying to be very respectful of the state of the world.

Anyway, I’m sure I didn’t need to make an announcement, but it makes me to feel better to be open and honest about these things when situations come up. There will still be new content going up on the website, just one less day a week for now.

Thanks everyone! Stay safe, health, and positive!


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