Reading “Scottish Ghost Stories”—Case I, Part 2

Reading “Scottish Ghost Stories”—Case I, Part 2

As promised in my entry from Monday, Reading Scottish Ghost Stories—Case I, Part 1, here is Part 2!

I’ve included the last bit of the ending from the first video since it introduces the second story. This split between videos wasn’t originally going to happen; it’s just a decision I made while editing, and I’m still learning some of the ins-and-outs of video editing and content creating for YouTube.

This second story, I struggled with A LOT. Not because of the content, but for some reason, I just struggled to read it. I cut out SO much of me misreading or mispronouncing something—and then there was my FUN discovery that I completely mispronounced “apothecary” and didn’t re-record myself saying it correctly. /facepalm

But luckily I can laugh at myself a little bit. Hopefully you guys enjoy this video, too!


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