Reading “Scottish Ghost Stories”—Case I Part 1

Reading “Scottish Ghost Stories”—Case I Part 1

Today’s entry features a newly released video of me reading the first Case from Scottish Ghost Stories by Elliott O’Donnell.

Case I happens to feature two different stories. The first is “The Death Bogle of the Cross Roads”, which is the story shared in this video. The second part, “The Inextinguishable Candle of the Old White House”, will come out on Wednesday. Both of these stories are set in Pitlochry.

Like my previous Scottish Ghost Stories video, I’ve included pop-up notes and comments along the way. Some are just funny notes or me poking fun at myself while I’m editing, but others might be explanations of words that you maybe weren’t aware of. Also be aware that there might be inappropriate jokes or cursing in the comments.

Hope you have fun listening to some spooky Scottish tales!


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