Blindfolded Crisp Tasting

Blindfolded Crisp Tasting

I’m in a bit of a flux with the website here. I want to write about different Scotland experiences, things I’ve enjoyed and seen, and give people things to be excited for in Scotland—continue to share what I adore about Scotland.

But we’re also in a time where sharing different traveling experiences doesn’t feel like a wise thing to do. I want to encourage people to see Scotland, but also be responsible travelers, especially considering the world is caught in the midst of an epidemic.

In that, I’m trying to figure out ways to continue to share my love of Scotland and Scottish life and culture, but without encouraging others to abandon precaution and hop over to Scotland right now.

So I thought this might be a good time for me to post a video that my friend and I recorded my last night in Scotland during my latest vacation. My friend, Rob, and I sampled some different flavored crisps, and decided to see if we could guess which flavors were which while wearing a blindfold.

It’s a bit of silly fun, but I hope in the future, I’ll be able to do more videos like this. I’m currently back in the States, so I can’t do anything in terms of “trying more Scottish foods” any time soon, but I’m going to try to play with more video ideas, which hopefully will be more engaging during this period of social distancing.

I may still post entries on Scotland and her beauty, encouraging people to get excited about visiting AFTER this isolation period, but for now, enjoy this little bit of fun!

*Fair warning: there is cursing in this video. Because I like swearing 😊


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