Huv Ye Seen It — Innuendo Bingo with Lewis Capaldi

Huv Ye Seen It — Innuendo Bingo with Lewis Capaldi

On a recent “episode” of Huv Ye Seen It, I shared Gerard Butler on Innuendo Bingo? Well, around the same time—because I was binge-watching Innuendo Bingo episodes for a while—I found the Lewis Capaldi episode as well, and this one’s equally great.

I love that Lewis has no shame or regrets about being on this show, and seems to have tons of fun getting into it. He’s immediately cracking jokes, knows exactly what’s happening, and is ready to laugh. Some of the other celebrities I’ve seen on Innuendo Bingo seem uncomfortable or like they’re unsure of why they’re there, so it’s was nice to see Lewis just 100% into it right away.

And we’ll get this published on here for Friday the 13th, because who couldn’t use a bit of a laugh today, eh?


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