Fun with Gaelic: Uisge-Beatha

Fun with Gaelic: Uisge-Beatha

Who doesn’t love a wee dram from time to time?

Today’s Fun with Gaelic word is uisge-beatha. For those looking for a pronunciation, it sounds like “oosh-keh—bae-ha”.

I think this was one of the first Gaelic words I learned, and I remember loving the way it sounded. There are so many Gaelic words that I just repeat to myself, and this was definitely one of them.

Uisge-beatha may be one of my favorite Gaelic words, simply because of its literal translation. Yes, it does mean whisky, so when you’re wanting to ask for a shot in Gaelic, uisge-beatha is your word, but it literally translates to “water of life”.

Whisky is the water of life.

Is that not the most Scottish thing ever?


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