Huv Ye Seen It — Scottish Man Stuck on a Roof

Huv Ye Seen It — Scottish Man Stuck on a Roof

So what is “Huv Ye Seen It?”

Well, Huv Ye Seen It is gonna be a series on this website, dedicated to different Scottish content that I’ve seen and loved from the internet.

Why? Because I love Scottish content. It’s as simple as that!

Full disclosure: a lot of them will likely involve cursing, as the Scots are damn good cursers, and don’t be surprised if most of them are just for laughs. I love laughing, and the Scots are awesome at making me laugh.

Today’s clip—the very first Huv Ye Seen It clip—is Scottish Man Stuck on a Roof. Short clip, under two minutes, but my goodness, all the slang is so amazing. But don’t worry! There are subtitles for those who need it!



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  1. Mary Connerty
    20 January 2020 / 22:21

    Thanks for great laugh and all things Glaswegian! Mary (@knitting_linguist on IG)

  2. Courtney B
    28 January 2020 / 05:39

    This is great!! 😂