In the News: Glasgow Goes Goth(am)

In the News: Glasgow Goes Goth(am)


Why? Because I woke up and the first news I saw was that Glasgow, my beloved Glasgow, has been cast as

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That’s right, the new Batman film—starring Robert Pattinson as titular Batman/Bruce Wayne—is going to be filmed in Glasgow.

And there are so many reasons why this has me doing the happy dance, complete with bouncing and laughing and hand-clapping (it’s only a little creepy, but it hasn’t bothered the cat yet, so we’re okay).


Glasgow Love

This one’s simple: I love seeing Glasgow—or any Scottish city for that matter—being seen more, especially in films. And if it’s a Batman film, it’s bound to be huge! It means the city is seeing extra business and generating more income. No one can argue the added benefit of that.

But it also means people see a bit more of the city. As someone who adores Scotland’s most populated city, I love catching films that I know were shot in Glasgow and seeing the streets I know so well.

World War Z—that opening shot in “Philadelphia”—was filmed in Glasgow. A lot of Glaswegians were able to be extras in that scene. It was funny to be seeing that film in a cinema in Glasgow, and saying, “Man, anyone that’s been to Philly knows that ain’t Philly”—only to have a Scottish friend responding, “Anyone that’s walked right outside this cinema knows that’s not Philadelphia.”


Batman Love

But I also love this because I love Batman. I watched the 1960s Batman on TV when I was a kid, which led to Batman the Animated Series, to now being an adult and loving the Dark Knight series. I’ve always loved the Batman story, so to have two of my loves coming together like this? Yeah, you can bet I leapt out of bed at this news!

Glasgow is architecturally a unique looking city. It would make for a unique Gotham. I’m excited to see how they make my beloved city look.


Film Details

The new Batman film isn’t set to arrive in theaters until 2021, but the cast is looking promising with some interesting choices for roles, including Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne; Colin Farrell as the Penguin; Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman; and Paul Dano as the Riddler. The film has already started filming in London, and will move towards filming in Glasgow at the end of February 2020. Glasgow Live reports that Glasgow residents may be surprised to be seeing a new Batmobile going through the streets, something that’s also expected to excite DC fans as well.

For more details, Glasgow Live has the scoop: New Batman movie to be filmed in Glasgow as streets transformed into Gotham City


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